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But these days it was getting worse and worse. At twelve o'clock in the evening, someone was tapping him on the back of his neck, but when he looked back, he could only see the dark windows in the middle of the night. There was nothing else, just an empty rental house. But this kind of touch happens every night. The study pressure of senior three is already great. Luo Hongyi is a little irritable. His mother often sits by Chuang to do some handicraft and watches him study. But the mother and son never saw anything behind him, but the cold, hard touch was there! It starts at twelve o'clock on time every night! Like a shadow, it lingers. That night, the cold wind of the night poured in from the window behind him, and the touch on his neck became more powerful and obvious. Luo Hongyi impatiently threw away his pen, pulled open his chair with a stab, and got up to close the window. After closing the window, Luo Hongyi took one more look at the glass window. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a white dirty thing stuck on the glass window. He muttered a few times. Knowing that his mother had gone to bed, he did not mean to wake her up. He just took a paper towel from somewhere else to wipe it. If you don't pay attention to this dirty thing, you will never find it, but if you find it, you will feel that it is uncomfortable on this clean glass. Luo Hongyi wiped it hard,stainless steel 304 pipes, but no matter how hard it was, it could not be wiped clean. Instead, it became bigger and bigger. He felt so strange that he bent down a little closer and put his face closer to see what it was, but as soon as his face was close, the window was suddenly knocked open by the wind, and at the same time he screamed in panic. Even if the time is short, just a flash,side impact door beams, he still saw what was on the window. It was the scene in the room reflected by the glass window, a figure hanging up, not far behind his desk. No wonder something was always touching his neck. It wasn't anything. It was a dangling heel. Chapter 90 + 90 + The problem that had troubled Luo Hongyi for many days was finally solved, but this way was too horrible. It was the heel of the hanging ghost that had been hitting him on the back of his neck all the time! It was because of the strong wind that he hung there, dangling, his heel just touching Luo Hongyi's neck! In a panic, he should have run for the door immediately, but the door was next to the desk. He rushed to it and turned back eerily and uncontrollably when he opened it. The thing hanging on the ceiling had hung its head motionless, because Luo Hongyi was looking at him, and he actually raised his head slowly. "Ah!" Luo Hongyi screamed and stepped back. His left foot mixed with his right foot and fell down. Then he felt his neck tighten. His cold hand clasped his throat and stopped all the screaming. Something clung to his shoulder and breathed sullenly into his ear: "Come and play with me, play with me, come and play.." Luo Hongyi was pinched and rolled his eyes, trembling all over because of panic, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but he could not speak, he thought it would be better if he could faint at this time, but the extreme panic made her more awake. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw clearly the thing that was pinching his neck, the hanging ghost hanging from the ceiling. His neck seemed to be broken by the rope, and now it was hanging feebly, so he put it directly on Luo Hongyi's shoulder. Luo Hongyi struggled to reach out to push it, but touched the other side's soft neck like a lump of chewing gum. He called out twice, not daring to touch the horrible thing again. But the thing suddenly disappeared, Luo Hongyi in extreme panic, the heart beat faster than the normal limit, he was a little confused, but heard something suddenly overhead, so he subconsciously looked up. In front of a flower, that group of white things fell down directly, hit Luo Hongyi's body.
Luo Hongyi felt like he was entangled by a fishy salted fish, he struggled, screamed, hanged the ghost laughing, holding Luo Hongyi's head, his blue and horrible face close to. Luo Hongyi could not close his eyes, so he could only look at the face whose eyes had fallen out of his eyes getting closer and closer, clinging to his face, and then rushing into his body. Are you going to renew your leave for classmate Luo again? The man's clear voice is very calm, "but now is the third year of senior high school, every minute and second of the study time of the third year of senior high school is very important, if it is not a very serious problem or something that must be done for him, I hope he can come back to class." "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, Mr. Wen." The woman on the other end of the phone breathed desperately, trying to suppress her choking and despair. "Luo Hongyi, Luo Hongyi, he has been in the hospital for emergency treatment.." "When did it happen?"? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Wen Rujin heard the words as the normal reaction of the original body, suddenly got up. Many days, many days. Mother Luo was too sick to speak. Which hospital? The other party reported the name of the hospital. Wen Rujin picked up the car keys and was ready to leave. He said to the other teachers in the office, "a classmate in our class has gone to the hospital. I have to go and have a look. If you don't have a class in the afternoon, can you help me take over the class?" All the old teachers present lowered their heads subconsciously and stopped talking. Only a new female teacher said, "Miss Wen, go quickly. I'll take your place in the afternoon class." Wen Rujin nodded: "Thank you, Miss Su. I will take your place in your class next time." He hurried to the hospital, and Luo Hongyi went to the emergency room again, while his parents waited outside as if they were lifeless. Wen Rujin said hello in the past,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and the couple came to their senses and reluctantly pulled the corners of their mouths: "It's Teacher Wen coming." "What is the situation of classmate Luo?" "I don't know, I really don't know, I don't know why it's like this..." 。

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