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"My Ye'er is a genius, and he will surely become the strongest man in the Holy Spirit Continent in the future!" Dongfang Qian narrowed her eyes and smiled, her face full of joy. However, just as the entire Mu Tian Hou Mansion was bathed in joy and excitement, in the crack of time and space that began to close, there was a flash of a soul species as dark as ink. This soul species was two circles larger than the other soul species, and it rushed straight down toward the poplar leaves in meditation. Yang Ye body that layer of light soul release barrier simply can not stop the dark soul, instantly was broken through, straight into the body of Yang Ye, everything happened so fast, so fast that people did not have time to react. As soon as the dark soul species fell into the poplar leaf's Dantian, it immediately began to crazily suck the soul power in the Dantian. At this time, the light soul species that lived in the poplar leaf's body earlier had taken root and sprouted. The two began to compete for the soul power in the Dantian. But this dark soul species was obviously different. It was big, and the speed of sucking soul power was much faster than that of the light soul species. It soon took root in the Dantian. A touch of dark soul power escaped, shrouded in the poplar leaves outside the body, light, dark two kinds of soul power suddenly intertwined, so that all the people around the happy Hou Fu were stunned, apparently they did not expect such a change to happen. The dark soul species is obviously much more powerful, the latecomer, grabbed most of the soul power in Yang Ye's body, and the two soul species, obviously the previous soul power is not enough to use, the dark soul species is gluttonous, see no food, directly toward Yang Ye's soul devoured up. Ah Yang Ye's soul was suddenly hit hard, a scream of pain resounded throughout the psychic platform, the next moment, the whole person as if he had lost his vitality, fell down. Ye Er! Dongfang Qian looked at the fallen Yang Ye,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, after being stupefied for a moment, immediately exclaimed, people have rushed up like a gust of wind. The second chapter Mu Tian Hou Shi Zi Well, Yang Ye felt as if he had a dream, a very chaotic dream, in the dream, two people intertwined, just like the film after being cut, completely before and after the match, but in the match, he just can understand,Brushless Gear Motor, these two people seem to be him, but it seems not. Yang Ye opened his eyes in a daze and had a splitting headache. He drank a few catties of Erguotou and looked at the curtain above his head. Yang Ye was stunned for a moment. Was he still dreaming? He closed his eyes and opened them again. The white curtain came into his eyes again. Looking around, Yang Ye was at a loss. It was a very large bed, but not the one in his bedroom. The curtains around it were dancing with the breeze, and under it, the plush blanket gave off a cool feeling, soft and comfortable. At the head of the bed, the complex carving was not ordinary at first sight, and the smell of wood had a faint fragrance, like red sandalwood, but not like it? Where is this place? Yang Ye was confused and wanted to think about it, but the feeling of a splitting headache came up again, making his head seem to explode, uh-huh, and he could not help snorting in pain. Young master, you're awake! Just as Yang Ye covered his head, but still could not think of a reason, a clear and melodious voice sounded in his ears, a girl dressed in a Lily pleated and rippling skirt walked quickly through the curtain, climbed into bed, and stretched out her white hand to Yang Ye's forehead. Don't burn it. Young master, Gear Reduction Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, how do you feel now? Is there any discomfort? Yang Ruoyu asked thoughtfully. Headache! It hurts a lot! Although Yang Ye is not clear about the status quo, but did not panic, but pointed to the head.
"Headache, I go looking for big madam to follow a doctor to come over, you wait a little while!" Yang Luoyu said, the wind and fire jumped out of bed, and that has been like a flower blooming body back, see Yang Ye actually a little mind ripples, er, how can there be such a feeling? Not more than a moment of kung fu, Yang Ye's room, has more than seven or eight people, and sitting beside, wiping the tears of the mature woman crying rain with pear flowers, very sad: "Ye son, you wake up, you give me a good treatment for my good grandson, cured, without your reward!" "Don't worry, old lady, we will treat the prince well!" "Prince, lie down!" Several people in a Tsing Yi woman, long is sweet, voice is also very sweet, especially a pair of full Yufeng look is very provoked Yang Ye's eyeball, let him secretly swallow saliva. But the next moment, Yang Ye that is still in the chaos of the brain completely crashed, only to see the big chest beauty palm flashed a green halo, and then see a green to drop, emitting a faint fragrance of the grass drilled out, and with the formation of grass, ripples around, like Saturn's halo. Shit, is this magic? How to change, Yang Ye immediately opened his eyes. Qiye Lingjian, the soul of the town! With a light drink of the woman with big breasts, the horse chestnut on the palm of the hand suddenly rippled layer by layer, sweeping towards Yang Ye, and with the green ripples sweeping through the mind, people feel that a magical scene happened, Yang Ye before the chaotic churning brain, like the sea after the storm, calm. Yang Ye only felt that his whole person was quiet, and the disordered memory fragments, like a fast-forward movie, were re-edited according to the original cut, and then played out. Immersed in his mind constantly turned over the memory, Yang Ye finally figured out what was going on, he crossed, as the boss of Jiangbei Group, finally in the face of all kinds of inadequate pressure, chose to jump off the building to end everything, and crossed to the six-year-old boy. Right, and the endless void, that one will he devour the dark soul, it seems that the dark soul not only devoured him, but also devoured the soul of this teenager, after that, and wonderful blend of the two together, but this teenager is only six years old, and Yang Ye is more than forty years old, so the memories of the two together, but Yang Ye is more, less of each other, count up. It should be that he devoured the other side and occupied the body. Memories such as movie slow play,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, let Yang Ye recall again, then Yang Ye will seal up these memories, but to study the memory of the teenager.

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