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[Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: January 29, 2013:19:23 Number of words in this chapter: 4577 Li Xiao is a person who yearns for freedom and does not want to be bound, which has always been the case. Since I learned that even feeling and remembering have unpredictable consequences, I feel as uncomfortable as a thorn in my heart. Perhaps, this is like unrestrained to a degree of'obsessive-compulsive disorder ', but that's what he thinks! Now, all the hidden dangers have been solved, and finally the body is completely fit, Li Xiao's natural thoughts are smooth, and his whole body is extremely comfortable. Another good thing, Li Xiao, because of your soul mutation, physical body and soul fit, your so-called'fate 'in this world has not been deduced by anyone! The reason why I say this is that the universe of each plane contains all kinds of higher meanings such as time, space and so on, and the practitioners of space and time often have certain deductive abilities. Ordinary people encounter this kind of person, it will be extremely passive, everywhere subject! But you are an exception, which is also the biggest harvest after this fit besides removing hidden dangers! "This is wonderful!" Li Xiao's heart is also a joy! In this way, a lot of things, there will be a lot less worry! Especially, he kills some fierce characters, if the other side has a strong backstage, if he is good at calculation, then he will die? Now this aspect can ensure that they are not calculated, that is, 'shield the secret',radio shuttle racking, then after the field killing what, without any concern! This is just what Li Xiao wants! …… Time passed in his gradual realization. Xiao'er, did you-did you break through again? Did you really break through? After Li Xiao and Xiaoguang finished communicating and comprehending the various States of the body for a moment, Li Hyun had come to his side, and his tone was excited. By this time, Li Qin and others had already finished feeling for a while. Well, Lao Zu, after this insight, he broke through a layer again and reached the double heaven of the realm of congealing Dan. "Have you ever fought." Descending? Lee Hyun's voice was full of tension. His question is very vague,Steel racking system, but now everyone can understand, because Li Xiao is the existence of "breaking the five forbidden areas", the realm of promotion, whether it can still "break the five forbidden areas"? "Breaking the Five Forbidden Areas is no problem at all!" Li Xiao said confidently. OK! OK Lee Hyun was very excited, but he could not find any other language to express himself. He only said two'good 'words. Others, such as Li Qin, Li Mingyao, Li Changyuan, Li De and Li Yangfeng, were all excited. Li Xiao. I want to train with you in the future, okay? In the distance, Li Rumei's dizzy eyes suddenly said crisply. Even though she has been very quiet, at this time to speak and ask, but also more than a trace of nervous mood fluctuations, seems to be worried that Li Xiao will refuse. Of course, this half month, as long as I am in the Li family, you can come to challenge and exercise yourself at any time, half a month later, Cantilever Storage rack ,Narrow aisle rack, I will leave. Li Xiao toward Li Ru smiled slightly, this indifferent and quiet simple but elegant woman, at this time unexpectedly pretty face rose a trace of blush, very good-looking. Thank you Li Ru said softly. Seemed to feel Li Xiao's eyes looking at her, she even glittering ears, are a little more blush. Li Feng and others around her did not notice these details, but after hearing Li Xiao's words'leave in half a month ', suddenly, they all felt a sense of loss. Once upon a time, Li Dashao was a joke of the Li family. Although nominally many people would respectfully call him'Big Young Master 'when they met him, how many people looked up to him in their bones? When I think of him occasionally, I just ask him to help me do something that I can't do that involves using my identity, and then I deliberately make fun of him-knowing his despicable evil plan, but deliberately pretending to be a victim, and then watching his jokes.. Apart from his younger brother Li Yao and the elegant Li Ru, who in the three generations took him seriously? But at this point.. Knowing that he grew up, Li Feng and others found that the vision of the family owner Lao Zu and others was so long-term that they saw too much farther than they did.
If you know what he has achieved today, why did you play tricks on him like that at the beginning? Even if.. For such a talented person, it may not really be a shame, a humiliation, or a love in the future, as I thought at that time. However, things have happened, even if regret also does not help, now, with his talent, as long as he stepped into Tianji Zong, I am afraid there are countless women who are better than themselves and others to take the initiative? I'm afraid it's an honor for those women to be his concubines, right? Li Feng, Li Ya and others have more or less produced such an idea. Unfortunately, after what happened to Li Yu, they already understood that they had missed this beautiful marriage, and that they had really missed it. With the arrogance shown by Li Xiao now, I am afraid they will never turn back. On the contrary, Li Ru, who has been quiet and not seen by Li Xiao at ordinary times, is approaching Li Xiao at this time, which makes people envious. "Well, I'm afraid the Yang family has been waiting for some time now. Let's go to the conference hall. This is the opportunity to integrate the two families, redistribute power and promote new elders." Looking at the crowd, Lee Hyun restrained his emotions and said in a loud voice. Well, Lao Zu, this is the ring of Qian Kun. Li Xiao handed over the previous Qiankun ring, and basically did not move except for the loss of ten thousand top-grade Lingshi. As for the nearly ten thousand top-grade Lingjing in his own Qiankun ring, this was his last fortune, and it was also for a rainy day, so he had not used that Lingjing before. Originally, Li Hyun wanted to give these resources to Li Xiao, but after thinking about it, he took them over. If Li Xiao wants to go to Tianji Zong, then everything in the Li family needs him to continue to look after, so that Li Xiao can feel at ease to practice outside. Li Jia, the conference hall. Even though the Yang family first arrived for a period of time, no one dared to have any objection, nor did anyone have any objection in their hearts, because everything in the Yang family came from the Li family. At this time, outside the hall, the disciples of the outer door stood in rows,Pallet rack beams, neat and standard, like soldiers waiting for orders, and there was no noise.

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