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Original Title: Basic Knowledge of Boring Machine (I) Classification and Structure of Drill Rods Drill rod is a tool connecting drill bit and rock drilling in shaft engineering. Shallow hole rock drilling rod, commonly known as small drill rod, is made of hollow steel. For rock drilling operations with a depth of less than 8 meters, single drill rod drilling is mostly used. Therefore, considering the rigidity of the drill rod, the effect of powder discharge and the drilling speed, the regular hexagonal section is generally used for this kind of hollow steel. Due to the wide application range of shallow hole drilling, the requirements for drilling tools are low, accounting for more than 70% of the hollow steel consumption. The inscribed circle diameter of hexagonal hollow steel is 22mm and 25mm. Hexagonal hollow drill rod Threaded connection drill rod for medium and deep rock drilling,mining drill bit, commonly known as large drill rod, hollow steel is used for rock drilling operation at a depth of more than 8 meters, and must be connected by multiple drill rods. In order to solve the connection structure of multiple drill rods and facilitate the threading at both ends of the drill rod (so as to use threaded connecting sleeves for connection), hollow steel with circular section is mostly used. The outer diameter of the hollow round steel is 32mm and 38mm. Hollow Round Steel Drill Rod According to the structure,dth rock bit, the drill rod can be divided into: integral drill rod, cone connection drill rod with tail and threaded connection drill rod with tail. Except for the shoulderless shank, they all belong to the shouldered shank, so their shape, size and technical requirements are the same. It is only the head of three kinds of drill tools, with the distinction of integral insert (tooth), rock drilling tools ,dth drill bits, conical connection and threaded connection. Expand the full text According to the processing form of the drill rod, it can be roughly divided into five categories: flat head drill rod, pointed head drill rod, straight head drilling rod, square head slotted drill rod and round head slotted drill rod. The uses are as follows: 1. Pointed drill rod: The conical quadrilateral drill rod is a common type on the market. This type of drill rod has a strong penetration. It is characterized by concentrating the force on one point to break, which can produce a strong breaking force to break the surface. Even hard and difficult objects can be easily broken, such as high-hardness rocks, concrete, etc. 2. Straight drill rod: The working principle is the same as that of the cone quadrilateral, which is to gather energy at one point for crushing. But because of its flat design, it is more wear-resistant and more suitable for dealing with some hard broken objects. Objects such as hard rock, layered concrete, etc. 3. Flat-head drill rod: Flat-head drill rod is generally used for secondary crushing. Secondary crushing is to crush objects that have been crushed or objects with medium hardness. Because of the flat head design, there is no strong penetration, compared with the first two, it is more like a blunt instrument. The other two types of wear occur at the end of the drill rod, while the flat head design of the drill rod wears only on the length, and it can also break brittle and hard objects. 4. Pointed slotting drill rod: It is generally used for large breaking hammers, 175 and above breaking hammers. This drill rod is suitable for mining, especially for viscous ores. Slotting is conducive to the convenient removal of gas at the head of the drill rod, so that there will be no vacuum gas at the front end of the drill rod to hinder the drill rod from cutting into the ore, making it easier to break the ore. 5. Round head slotted drill rod: In fact, the function is the same as the fourth one summarized by Yite Xiaobian,dth button bits, and there is not much difference. No matter what kind of drill rod is used, the key is to have a good breaking hammer, and the performance of Yite breaking hammer is stable. Drill Rod Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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