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I looked at my hands, which were too old because I never paid much attention to makeup maintenance on weekdays and had to work hard in the farmland after marriage. Nan Ji's child, born or not, is not Qi Yi has the final say, at this time, pregnant women are not anxious at all. But Zhao Jing'e kept company with her every day in the name of relieving her worries and said something she shouldn't have said. She was as smart as Nan Ji and couldn't get through it. "Would you like me to say a few words?" "You can't move Qi Yi. Look at your constant friends. Don't make any more mistakes at this time." Bo Ji obeyed, but I sighed, this is the most chaotic time, now the only thing to do is to wait for Zhang Ao and his party to escort into the capital, and then figure. Xu'er went into the palace and said, "Sister, Your Majesty has specifically ordered that the Lv family is not allowed to interfere in this matter." "I know. It's for me. You go and tell your eldest brother and second brother not to interfere easily." "No." If Guan Gao, Zhao Wu, Meng Shu and others all come, it is not without a turn for the better. They are all old ministers of Zhang Er, assisting Zhang Ao. Among them, Guo Guan Gao is the most resourceful and resourceful, no less than Zhang Liang. Empress, the Prince of Zhao has been taken to Chang'an. "Oh, very good." In fact, do not know what to say, only listen to the Weiyang Palace bell, courtiers should be in the group to discuss this matter. It was still raining in the sky. I walked slowly along the veranda with my clogs. Du Ruo held an umbrella on the right to block the raindrops. He subconsciously walked to the long bridge. After crossing the long bridge,dap diammonium phosphate, he walked a few more steps to the junction of the harem and the former court. There are not enough troops and personnel in hand. How to confront them. Thought slowly, but looked up and saw Qi Yi. She was no longer young, and she was no longer the beautiful girl without makeup. Although she often counted the high bun of the past, she also had a full head of pearls and jade, green leaves, butterflies and beautiful jade on the side of her ears decorated with Qin Zhi, shaking tassels and beautiful clothes. Beauty is beauty, but there is always a lack of agility. She didn't mind if I looked straight at her like this, raised my forehead with one hand and bowed on my knees. Mrs. Qi also likes to use heavy makeup. "How can old people hide their haggard without heavy makeup?" Her sarcasm made me smile. I didn't want to argue with her. It was too improper,Magnesium Oxide MgO, so I didn't hide it. I stared at her again like that. "Why, I'm in the mood to walk on the long bridge." "Just like the empress." Du Ruo stood behind me with an umbrella in his hand. He couldn't help shouting, "Lady Qi, it's so grand and ostentatious to take a walk. The palace attendants are standing in the bamboo forest.". Early in the morning, I saw that the forest was faintly full of palace people, but they just kept silent. If Du Ruo pointed it out, it would be better, so as not to go around and around with empty words. To protect the safety of the empresses and concubines in the palace, it is necessary for many people to be here to see if there are any miscellaneous people, such as people outside the palace to come in, or people inside the palace to go out. It was to prevent me from breaking into the court. Qi Yi, I'm not as stupid as you can imagine. "It can only be said that the empress is too stable. At the beginning, for the sake of Princess Lu yuanchang, she did not hesitate to connive at the elopement of the emperor's daughter regardless of etiquette and law. Now her son-in-law is as stable as Mount Tai." The anger in my heart has long been steaming up, Qi Yi has always been honey, but at least dare not openly provoke. Now it was like victory was in the bag, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but I didn't know what was going on, so I had to let it go. Turn around and walk away without hesitation. "It's funny," she said faintly behind my back. "It was your daughter's land, but now it's my son's." Suddenly turned around, a few steps closer, a heavy wave of her hand, her face suddenly got a slap, I hit the heavy, their palms are dull pain. The palm came suddenly, and the palace people behind her approached, but I raised my head and stepped down again. She also had a moment of stupefaction, and then covered his face, the resentment in his eyes fully displayed, Du Ruo came forward, to prevent her from fighting back. She laughed. "Afraid I'll fight back?"? I don't have you so fierce, Lu pheasants, your palm is coming, I will let you pay the price. I ignored her and left quickly, and her sneer behind me was chilling. The price, the price I have paid is already enough. Walking quickly back to Jianzhang Palace, the palace people on both sides stretched out their hands to stop me. Du Ruoliu raised his eyebrows and said, "Blind your eyes!" "The empress has calmed down. Your Majesty has ordered people not to enter the Jianzhang Palace.".
” I looked at Du Ruo and said, "Take out the token and cut off these two things without eyes." Two palace people hurriedly worship and beg for mercy, I directly stepped on one of the hands to go in, he did not dare to moan, tyrannical pleasure with my foot filled the heart, I want to do, no one can stop. He was so familiar with it that he found the memorial to the penalty file and unfolded it to see that the doctor was in charge of the case. I'm not familiar with this man. But it's worth a try. Bo Ji, I want to leave the palace. When I returned to the Jiaofang Hall, I immediately summoned her. Bo Ji was very surprised, but still unhurriedly reported back: "Since Qi Yi is on guard, it is not easy for Xiao Xiang to pass information in, and it is even more difficult to get out of the palace." "So I'm looking for you." "The empress has cleaned up Qi Yi today, and your majesty is afraid to take even stricter precautions against the Jiaofang Palace." "No, when Zhang Ao falls, then the old and new hatred will be settled together, but now it's not urgent." "Does the empress already have an idea in mind?" "Go out fair and square." I'm not talking about a joke, to go out secretly, obviously not feasible-if it's so easy to go out of the palace without permission, it only shows that I'm not strict, not to mention Qi Yi has long been on guard. I want to go out fair and square. That must wait for Liu bang down, and then get the will from him, but this obviously won't work. The only way is.. Bo Ji tilted her head and thought for a moment: "Empress, what you said is.." "Yes, break out." "It's too risky, and it's not helpful." "Always try, Bo Ji, call you to come, that is to say, if I can't come back for a while, you have to watch the movement inside and outside the palace, if I come back,Magnesium Oxide powder, it will be a big storm, you have to prepare in advance." "Since the day I kidnapped Liu Ruyi, I have been implacable with Qi Yi. A vicious fight will come sooner or later. I have been ready for it." I nodded and immediately assembled the Imperial Guard.

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