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A strange color passed through his eyes. With a slight bow, Anjigud regained his calm and calm look and said slowly, "Not long ago, we were attacked by the suicide attack of heaven.". Heavy damage! "Oh?" Fengyun Mowgli pretended to be very surprised: "With your strength, how could you suffer heavy damage?"? Did the blazing angel appear? "No, it's an angel with four wings and no rank." As he said this, Anji Goode stared into Fengyun Mowgli's eyes. A four-winged angel? The angel and the angel of wisdom are both four-winged. Is it the angel of wisdom that appears? Even the wise angel, with your strength, can't you stop it? "No, not an angel of wisdom, but an angel with four wings of light." "Not an angel of wisdom?" Fengyun Mowgli's voice was cold: "Dark Gigula, are you kidding?" Perhaps I should consider the correctness of the alliance with the Demon Emperor! "Don't get me wrong, King of the Fallen. The strength of the four-winged angel is much stronger than that of the wise angel. It's almost close to the strength of the incandescent angel. Moreover, the most unique thing is his field.." he whispered. In fact, we suspect that the angel is not an angel at all! "Oh?"? How to say? "He should be an ancient human and a master of kendo!" Anji Goode said in a deep voice, his eyes fixed on Fengyun Mowgli. Anji Goode, Ben Wang doesn't like this joke. Fengyun Mowgli shook his head, calmly on his face, but in his heart he was shocked: "This dark Jigude is really not to be underestimated!"! We need to find an excuse to leave. "Lord of the Fallen, you are the king of the legion of billions of fallen angels. You also have a place in the Demon World. Your Majesty, the Demon Emperor, is sincere to form an alliance with the Lord.". Right now, we're badly hurt,drum spill containment, but there's no sign of the fallen king. If His Majesty the Demon Emperor knows, I'm afraid he will be very unhappy, and even think that adults are simply teasing our Majesty, so it's not good to sit as the Lord of the Demon World. My Lord, should we also send some of the higher fallen angels to cooperate with us to show our sincerity? "Your Majesty, the Demon Emperor, does not want to be an enemy of the fallen king," said Anjigude,plastic pallet supplier, neither humble nor pushy. "However, if Lord Lucifer makes our Majesty think that you intend to insult him, I'm afraid we'll have to do something unpleasant to both sides. In any case, the emperor of the thirteen Dynasties, our majesty still has some right to speak. "Are you threatening King Ben?" Fengyun Mowgli waved impatiently, "If your majesty likes war so much, just come, we are waiting for him in the Demon Temple!" Say, the body a shake, has disappeared. Anji Goode stood there in a daze. A voice came from the rear: "My Lord, but it's confirmed that the fallen king doesn't seem to cooperate with us very much. I'm afraid it's false. It's very likely that he has some kind of connection with the four-winged angel." After the thick fog, a bull's head and body, with cold eyes and cold breath, appeared behind Anji Goode, and a bull's tail kept shaking behind him. No, "Anji Goode held out his hand and thought, euro plastic pallet ,plastic trash bins," The king of the fallen, after all, is the king of the fallen. In the Demon World, it is not given by any party. If he had promised just now, I would have doubted it, but he left in a hurry. It's hard to say. The four-winged angel was impersonated, but it is possible, if the twelve-winged fallen angel. At the very least, the other side needs to have seen the fallen king before they can dress up exactly like him. It's just, do you think in the demon world, the fallen king will let a guy who sees him and has malice towards him escape from hell? For so many years, it seems to challenge the fallen king, but none of them can live and leave! I have always suspected him, also because, with the pride of the fallen king, he has always disdained to deal with our sharp demons, although we may not think much of him! "My Lord, perhaps he knows that you are deeply loved by the Lord of the Demon Emperor, and deeply loved by the two princes of the Lord of the Demon Emperor.". In the Dynasty, the position is high and powerful. I just pulled down my identity to deal with you, and I don't know.
Or does the fallen king feel that the embattled environment is not good, so he really wants to form an alliance with the most powerful king in the demon world through you? The bull-headed demon, who was more than twenty feet tall, thought for a moment and said. Milaskach, that's why I've always been sure. The fallen king himself is a secret figure in the demon world. The creatures of heaven, especially the archangels, who were once the head of the incandescent angels, have fallen, but the pride of their nature cannot be removed. The demon named Milaskach was silent for a long time. Then he opened his mouth and said, "My Lord, your loss is a little heavy this time. The losses of other Dynasties are not as serious as ours. When the second prince knew it, he was very unhappy. This will make him lose some power in front of the Demon Emperor.." How to make up for this loss, adults still need to think about it! "Is our respected second prince still bitter about the escaped human race?" Anjigud said calmly, as if he had not heard Milaszkach's warning at all. The second prince liked human women very much, and used to go to Taigu to find some women for fun. Because of the majesty and prestige of the Demon Emperor in the Demon World, the Terrans did not dare to make any changes for a while, and they all put up with it. But millions of years ago, Taigu suddenly rose to a boy and almost injured the second prince. The emperor said that the realm of the two princes had not yet been discovered, but he predicted that the realm where the two princes were blessed by the Lord God would be the most powerful realm in my demon world. As a result, the two princes were loved by the Demon Emperor, and even if their martial arts were not high, they were far more important than the other princes in His Majesty's heart. With the mind of the two princes, it is inevitable that a human race will run away face to face. Milaskach said indifferently. What happened next? Anjigula turned his back to the bull-headed demon and asked, "In your position, how could you let that man escape?"? This matter, in the Dynasty, has always been a secret, the two princes are not allowed to mention anyone, how can you know, are not afraid of the two princes blame, with the means of the second prince,plastic pallet manufacturer, only afraid, when the time comes, wait until the second prince field wake up. You will be very uncomfortable! 。

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