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Xiang Xiang's brain buzzed and tears flowed down. Minor Cold in her previous life, because of her inaction, she went to the river to fetch water in the cold winter months. It was cold and the road was slippery. She was planted in the ice cave and never got up again. If this life is not to save her, in order to find so many doctors, should have spent a safe and secure life at home ah! "What's the matter with you, madam?"? Madam, madam.. Chapter 66. Xiang Xiang opened her eyes and saw the Minor Cold. She held the Minor Cold's hand excitedly and sobbed, "Minor Cold, you're not dead?"? Are you all right? The Minor Cold nodded and said, "Yes, I'm fine. My sister scared us to death. When we saw you being carried back, we thought.." Aunt Miao quickly pushed her and said, "Does Xiang Xiang want to eat?"? Aunt Miao stewed millet porridge for you, which is the most nourishing, so she went to bring it to you. Xiang Xiang looked up and found that his parents were all there, but Qin Rui was not there, and he was quite disappointed. He is Wang Ye, the task has been completed, I think it is not as before, often accompany her. Yan Yingfu said, "It's all right now. Don't worry. The victims have been rescued.". I heard that the king of Huainan was beheaded by the king of Xuan, and the officials who made trouble in Zhanzhou were all arrested. Zhang Yuying looked at him angrily and said, "The child just woke up, and you talked endlessly.". Xiang Xiang, this time you made your parents worried. Don't be so capricious in the future, do you know? Xiang Xiang pursed her lips and said after a while,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, "I heard something happened Minor Cold.." Minor Cold one is stupefied, busy way: "Not be me, be." It's Lord Tao. Xiang Xiang was stunned for a moment, but the reaction was a smile: "I always thought that I was a compassionate person, but when it came to my head, I found that I was also a selfish person.". Minor Cold, perhaps I can not care so much, I only hope that the people I love can live well. The Minor Cold sighed: "Lord Tao died in order to save me and Asong. My brother-in-law has promised him that he will be rewarded according to his merits and will not blame his family." Xiang Xiang was shocked and asked, "Where is Asong?" At the mention of Asong,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the Minor Cold blushed, but was coy. Zhang Yuying hurriedly said: "Asong was originally the person of Tianzitang. We don't understand him very well. Anyway, he has been picked up." Xiang Xiang oh sound, the heart is heavy, and not good in front of the parents directly asked the news of Qin Rui, only hope that the parents can slightly understand her meaning. Unfortunately, before a moment had passed, Aunt Miao came in with a steaming porridge and a side dish. Zhang Yuying looked at her and happily carried the porridge to Xiang Xiang and said, "Come on, let's eat something.". I haven't eaten hot food these days. I'm afraid I'm hungry, aren't I? "The doctor said," Ah, your body is cold, and you need to take good care of yourself. "Yes," said Yan Yingfu hurriedly. "The doctor said that if you don't take good care of yourself, it will be difficult for you to conceive. You have to be obedient, or you will go to Los Angeles.." Zhang Yuying coughed hard, and Yan Yingfu's voice suddenly stopped. Xiang Xiang realized something was wrong and asked in a deep voice, Time Delay Tap ,Self-closing Faucet, "Where is Qin Ruiren?" Zhang Yuying said with a smile, "Xiang Xiang, Wang Ye's status is valuable. He has to rush back to Los Angeles to report such a big thing.". He said that when you were better, he would send someone to take us to Los Angeles. Xiang Xiang shook her head and said, "No, you lied to me. If that's true, you won't hide it from me. Did something happen to him?" The Minor Cold shook his head hurriedly and said, "Don't think about it, sister. He's all right, that's all." He's not awake yet. Xiang Xiang sat up and asked anxiously, "Are you awake?"? What do you mean? "He was badly wounded," said the Minor Cold. "The Yulin Army and the Tianzitang were anxious to escort him back to Los Angeles." Zhang Yuying said again, "The doctor has said that he is all right. You can rest assured." Xiang Xiang frowned and said, "No harm?"? If he had been seriously injured, he would have had a good rest and would not have left in such a hurry. Unless even Qiu Taiyi could not, he had to rush back to Los Angeles without stopping. The Minor Cold sighed and said, "Nothing escapes my sister.". But sister, really please rest assured, Huayang girl specifically told me that Wang Ye must have nothing to do, told you to be sure to protect your body.
” Xiang Xiang's eyes flashed and she asked, "Hua Yang?"? What else did she say? The Minor Cold thought for a moment and then said, "she also said that love begets sorrow, and love begets terror.". She also asked me to ask you, is marriage in heaven or in man? Xiang Xiang's heart missed a beat and thought of what Mu Ling had said with her that night. Mu Ling not only understands Qin Rui, but also understands her, and even thinks of the confusion in her heart. But the future is uncertain, and I don't blame her for being afraid. Qin Rui is a high prince, but she is a humble merchant woman, not to mention how the royal family looks at it, how the world looks at it, that is, she herself feels more than inferior to him. May be her expression, Minor Cold has been accompanied by her, even at night do not return to their own courtyard, only while no one, crowded into her bed, secretly said with a smile: "sister, do you want to know how Li Shuo?" Xiangxiang was unable to sleep, knowing that she wanted to amuse her Minor Cold, but unexpectedly, she wanted to say something about Li Shuo. Seeing her surprised, the Minor Cold snorted coldly and said, "The Li family is so shameless. If I can't trample him under my feet, I won't be reconciled!" Seeing her indignant appearance, Xiang Xiang couldn't help laughing and said, "Really?"? "So how do you get them under your feet?" Xiao Han blushed and said, "No, that is, when the Li family complained that they didn't know, I went to bully them.". Sister, don't tell me, the feeling of power and influence is quite good. People know that I am the wife of the future head of the hall, and they are very respectful to me. Xiang Xiang giggled and said, "Madam Lord?"? You're not ashamed. Xiao Han was shy for a moment and said, "What are you ashamed of in front of you?". In fact, I don't care about my identity when I can be with Asong. Isn't the Li family always bullying others with their power? Even in the court, in the face of the court officials,Service Sink Faucets, is a mouthful, their father and son is a scholar, not ordinary people. I let them know what it means to bully others with power. 。

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