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According to the return report of the soldiers who went to the country of Ze to pursue the holder of the Emperor's Heaven, Major General Fei Lian had intercepted the Kongsang people in Kangping County with a branch of Changtian. After a fierce battle, General Kong Sang Xijing retreated into the county city to escape, and now Major General Fei Lian has surrounded the whole county city like an iron bucket, and began to search inch by inch. It seems that the interception of the emperor is close at hand. The situation is evolving in favor of Minister of State Wulang. Although there were laws and decrees in the empire forbidding people to discuss the government, and the strict division of family names also hindered the circulation of information, in the outer city where the lowest class of ice people lived, some of the rights and wrongs in the imperial city were privately circulated among the roaring fires of those military workshops, accompanied by the sound of iron striking and forging. Xiao Xie.. I have told you that Zhao Mingxing has appeared in the sky of Jialan, and the chaos is from the inside and from the outside. The sorcerer stopped in the workshop and suddenly sighed, "You've been smart since childhood, and you're the eldest son of the eldest house. You've shouldered the heavy responsibility of the family, but you've always had little interest in the political situation. In fact, this is not a bad thing." "Cough." Embarrassed, Wu Xie did not know how to talk to the teacher about these political disputes, but said, "Although I have a good friendship with Fei Lian.". But Although Yun Huan's boy was arrogant, it was a pity that he died. "You can't die." Although the brilliance of the broken army star darkened for a while, it immediately flourished again. How could he die? Speaking of the stars he saw last night,industrial racking systems, the sorcerer shook his head, "Terrible, terrible." Before the storm comes, it's always hard to breathe. He blurted out to himself, but he had no intention of revealing the secret that the old man had been observing the current situation from the stars. Teacher, do you mean that Yun Huan will get the Ruyi Pearl and return safely? Wu Xie asked, a little happy,Automated warehouse systems, "that boy has always been tough, I think it will not be easy to die in the sand barbarian there." "I don't know if I can get Ruyizhu back." The sorcerer hesitated and looked at the huge dark shadow flying in the air. It was a wind falcon returning from the western sand country to the imperial capital. "It depends on what kind of message this wind falcon brings."? I think Wu Peng and Wu Lang must have been waiting impatiently. Wu Xie raised his head and watched the wind falcon returning from the Western Wilderness gradually sweep down and return to the interior of the White Pagoda, frowning. Is Yun-hwan back? I don't know what kind of ending it will bring back. Judging from the current situation, the white family is weak, and there are already a group of jackals and wolves in the imperial court, ready to take the opportunity to tear the white family apart. This time, unless Yun Huan completes the task impeccably, he can stop the mouths of all parties-if there is a slight flaw, it is inevitable that someone will take the opportunity to attack. And if not completed, then Wu Lang side, already ready for the iron prison torture waiting for him. The young elder raised his head and stared at a place in the daytime sky. Sunlight hides the traces of stars in the sky. However, with the intuition of the astrologer, Wu Xie kept his eyes on the northern boundary for a long time: there, the Big Dipper rotates slowly with the North Star as its axis. The broken army is the seventh star of the Big Dipper, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, which has the meaning of surging and invincible. Legend has it that every three hundred years, the star will have a violent eruption, even brighter than the bright moon. But at this moment, as the master said: "The seventh star in the once dim, suddenly released a brighter light!"! [End] www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Prequel: East Wind Breaks One, Dark Fragrance . t. xt.. Small Say God. Don.. Longshuo 12 years January 23, Beginning of Spring. The night of Jialan, the imperial capital, was as dark as ink, splashing down all over the sky, flooding the dense turret eaves and Zhangtai pavilions in the imperial city. In the daytime, the towering and infighting giants seemed to be melted by the boundless darkness and wrapped in a mass of thick ink that was difficult to distinguish. Although it was Beginning of Spring, the haze showed no sign of receding from the city of Galan. At the moment, the cold rain was still falling, silently falling on the snow that had not melted the day before yesterday, and flowing out of piles of white in the dark. A gust of wind rolled up the cold rain of the dark night and pierced the skin like a needle.
The handsome man standing in front of the window could not help tightening his skirt, but did not close the window, but stood there silently looking at the dark night like thick ink, as if listening to the sound of the wind. Vaguely, there is the sound of the song blowing, floating from the layers of the Forbidden City, which is high into the sky, as if bringing the sweet and decadent atmosphere that permeates the harem everywhere-it is the newly made dance song "East Wind Breaking" by Pear Garden. Tonight, the emperor is in the Ganquan Palace, holding a group of female musicians newly presented by Cao Taishi, and drinking for a long night? "If it goes on like this, I'm afraid the three-hundred-year-old Menghua Dynasty will be destroyed." The wind was like a sharp and cold knife through the skirt, and the man with cold eyebrows lowered his head and murmured. In the early morning of the day, the memorial to impeach Cao Taishi was thrown to the ground by Emperor Chengguang. "There is no evidence". High above the emperor coldly dropped a word, no longer listen to him as the imperial envoy of Zhangtai. Cao Taishi looked at him, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, and took the opportunity to ask Emperor Chengguang to punish the false accuser. Pull the trigger and move the whole body, this side of the imperial platform and some colleagues have also come out to defend him, the two sides once again in the court tit for tat. The six vassal kings who assisted the government also had their own tendencies, but King Qing smiled and said nothing. At present, the whole Menghua Dynasty has many malpractices, such as the infighting among the six vassal kings and the formation of a clique of civil officials in the court for personal gain. However, because Emperor Chengguang had no children for many years and the position of crown prince was vacant, the influence of Dasiming, as the Taifu of the crown prince, on the Dynasty declined and lost its due position in successive Dynasties. Taking advantage of this gap, Cao Xunxing, the patriarch of the three Dynasties,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, United most of the forces of the government and the public. As a grand master, he commanded the three provincial governors of Shangshuling, Shizhong and Zhongshuling. His power was overwhelming. He put the whole imperial capital Jialan City and even the whole Dynasty under his control. He sold his official titles and deceived his superiors and subordinates. There was a lot of complaints among the people.

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